News | Entrance Ceremony 201904

04/18/2019-1 minute read

Recruitingstudents for 2019 October Session.For more detail, please check our hp🔛

Today was the entrance ceremony for April students.🎉🎉Congratulations to all of you enrollment㊗️Studying at Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin will start from tomorrow😊Good luck with everyone💕
April entrance ceremony㊗️!!!! congratulation n welcome to our school.Tomorrow the class will be start, try your best, good luck☺️!!!
April celebration entrance ceremony, welcome to Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin😁! ! Beginning of the Meiten Shugakuen End of School Student's Book💪✏️🎓🍀!
L nh ュ 盻 盻 盻 盻 ウ ウ ウ ウ 盻 盻 盻 盻 盻 盻 盻 盻 盻 盻🎉🎉Ch テ コ cm XNUMX ォ ng c テ 。c em㊗️Vi ㌘ 盻 盻 盻 ㌘ ㌘ ㌘ ㌘ ㌘ ㌘ ㌘😊C テ 。c em h テ ”yc four g sha ッ ng l テ ェ n💕

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