Information | Trip to Myanmar Folk Music @ Pole Pole Higashinakano

05/17/2018-Less than a minute read

2018/6/30 ~ 7/13
Mandalay Star-Journey to Myanmar Folk Music, Screened at Pole Pole Higashinakano! !
It's a movie about Myanmar music🎤, if you have interest, go and join it😊
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Myanmar is a multi-ethnic nation surrounded by five countries: Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.
There are eight major ethnic groups, including ethnic minorities, including 8 tribes, of which Burma accounts for 135%.
And Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar.
In 1885, the last dynasty, the Combhaun dynasty, was annexed to Britain.
There are more than 700 pagodas at the center of Buddhist culture and religion, most of which were created during King Mindon.
It was around this time that folk music began to be systematized.
He wears Longji ethnic clothing and wears Tanaka on his face.
When I first saw Tanaka, I wondered what it was.

Sine wine is a regional instrument with a large wooden crate and a 21-scale tycoon hanging from it.
He became the center of the Sine Wine Orchestra and became a conductor in performance.
The first work recorded orthodox traditional music in Yangon, centered on teachers at the local Yangon University of the Arts.
The group recorded 11 songs in 100 groups, but this time a group of girls from Mandalay recorded the Sign Wine Orchestra.
They are travel performers who travel around the country for about 200 days a year and travel around and perform at donation festivals and festivals.
Incorporates electric bass, keyboards, drums, etc. into the sine wine orchestra and plays a wide range of traditional music, pops and rocks.
From around 1885, when he was colonized in the United Kingdom, he practiced his own style of western instruments such as piano, mandolin, violin, and so on, and played in the Sine Wein Orchestra.
Myanmar people decorate shiny LEDs around the head of a Buddha statue in Pagoda (I wondered what this was when I first saw it.)
It seems to take in without too much attention to anything.
That may be what makes this country unique.