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About admission application

Q. I don't know how to apply

A.APPLYpage ofPlease apply from
The staff of Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin will reply within XNUMX-XNUMX days.

Q. Please tell me the cost

A.COURSE pageChoose your desired course from and check the price.
If you do not have the desired course,CONTACTS pagePlease contact us.

Q. How will you pay for the course?

A. I would like school or bank account transfer. Please pay the actual expenses such as bank transfer for payment.
Also, be sure to write the receipt number before the name at the time of delivery. Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese bankDOWNLOADpage offor more information.

Q. How long does it take to get a student visa?

A. A student visa takes approximately 4 to 5 months from application to acquisition.
It takes about two to two and a half months to apply for a status of residence at the Immigration Bureau and issue a certificate of status of residence. After the Immigration Bureau has issued your Certificate of Eligibility, go to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country and apply for a student visa.

Q. Do you need a Japanese translation for the application documents?

A. Is required. Please contact us if translation is difficult.

Q. Is there anything to keep in mind when preparing application documents?

A. Be careful of mistakes, corrections and omissions.
If these are present, the application documents may be judged to be counterfeit.
Be sure to prepare a new certificate if you make a mistake.

Q. Who fills out the expense reimbursement form?

A. Please fill in if you are a student who will pay for the study abroad, such as your parents.
If you pay for your study abroad yourself, you do not need to fill out this form.

About Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin

Q. Do you have a dormitory?

A. yes, I have. We introduce dormitories of Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin or student dormitories affiliated with Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin.
https://gyoen.co.jp/students-dormitory/Please see the page. Please contact us for details.

Q. Do you have scholarships?

A. Yes, there is. Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin has a system that recommends students with excellent class attitudes, attendance rates, and academic achievements, and applies for scholarships through selection. Only scholarship students can participate in this scholarship program.

Types Award period Award amount Application method
Japan Student Services Organization
Privately funded foreign student study incentives
1/ 3 million yen / month Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Recommended


Q. Do you have foreign language speaking staff?

A. Yes. There are Chinese, English and Vietnamese speaking staff.

Q. Is there an insurance system for accidents and illnesses while attending school?

A. Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese language school is a member of the Japanese school student disaster compensation system.

Q. How are course classes determined?

A. After enrollment, all students are required to take a test. Determined based on the results and overall evaluation.

Q. Do you have any recommendations for universities?

A. yes, I have. There is a special recommendation from the nominated school. Please contact us as the recommended schools change depending on the year. Regarding the academic recordherePlease refer to.

Q. How many languages ​​do you teach?

A. I teach in Japanese. Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese language school teaches by direct method (how to teach Japanese in Japanese).

Q. Do you pick up from the airport?

A. There is.
About Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese Language School Pickup:
● Cost from 5,000 yen / person, times
● Pick-up section
From the airport (Narita Airport or Haneda Airport) to Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin
Students wishing to pick up please inform us of the following items.
● Date
● Flight time
● flight number
● Arrival Airport Narita Airport or Haneda Airport
● Please hand over the cost to the staff who will pick you up.
● Costs may vary depending on the situation, time, airport, number of people, etc. on the day.
● Pickup time: For flights arriving at Japan Narita Airport or Haneda Airport around noon and arriving after XNUMX pm, basically no arrangements are possible. Please consult
● We will make this arrangement only on the school opening day. Please contact us for weekend and holiday arrangements.

About life in Japan

Q. How much are living expenses?

A. On average, you need about 1 to 9 yen per month.
Breakdown example: Rent 4 to 8 yen, food expenses 3 yen, transportation expenses 1 yen, miscellaneous expenses 1 to 3 yen.

Q. Please tell me how to deal with sickness, accidents, yourself and fire in living in Japan.

When you come to school, you will be taught in the freshman orientation. The school staff will assist you if you have any other problems.
More informations
The "JAPAN STUDY SUPPORT" of the International Education Support Division of the Asian Student Cultural Association, a public interest incorporated foundation, has detailed information on crisis management in living in Japan. Please try to reference.


Q. Can I work part-time?

A. In order to work part-time, it is necessary to apply for and obtain a “non-qualification activity permit” at the Immigration Bureau.
After acquisition, you can work up to 1 hours a week.
You can get a "Permission to Exclude Activities" with a student visa after entering the country.
This application can be made free of charge.

About Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese Language School Dormitory

Q. Please tell me the dormitory address, dormitory fee and equipment.

Please refer to the dormitory introduction page.

Q. Can I visit the dormitory?

A. If you talk in advance, you can visit the dormitory. Please contact us.
TEL: 03-3356-1161
Reception hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 to 16:00
Outside reservations are not allowed without a reservation.

Q. Can I extend my contract and live in a dormitory?

A. Please contact Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese Language School office.

Q. Can the resident's family stay in the dormitory?

A. Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese family dormitories are forbidden for families.
Please use the accommodation around Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin.

Q. How do dormitories prepare meals?

A. Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin Japanese dormitories do not have meals, so dormitory students must prepare their own meals.
There are various methods such as self-catering, lunch, buying side dishes, eating out, etc.
Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin There are many supermarkets, fast food stores, and convenience stores near the Japanese school dormitory.

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