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Higher Education Course


Preparatory course: This course is for those who wish to enter Japanese universities, graduate schools and vocational schools. This course develops the necessary Japanese language skills at Japanese universities, graduate schools and vocational schools. Individual consultation and interview practice are also provided.
Admission is four times a year in January, April, July and October.

1. Advancement course, general course lesson time

5 days a week (Monday to Friday)
Morning session 9: 20-12: 50
Afternoon 1: 10-4: 40

45 minutes x 4 hours / 1 day

2. Admission Qualification for Advanced Course

1. Those who are considered to have completed 12 years of school education or a similar process at the time of application.
2. Those who are recognized as having the ability to pay tuition and living expenses while studying in Japan.
3. Approval by the dean of the school, physical and mental health, and observance of Japanese law to learn seriously.

The following materials are for students of the preparatory courseProof of learning Japanese,Japanese language certification testPlease also submit.
This is one of the factors to determine whether you have the will and ability to study.
・ Certification of learning at a Japanese language institution
Japanese language certification test
・ Japanese Language Proficiency Test
・ BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test / JLRT Listening Comprehension Test
・ J.TEST Japanese Language Proficiency Test
・ Japanese NAT-TEST
・ STBJ Standard Business Japanese Test
・ TOPJ practical Japanese language proficiency test
・ J-cert

Exam name URL Required level Testing period
1 Japanese language proficiency test
N5 or above Japan International Education Support Association and the Japan Foundation
2 BJT Business Japanese Proficiency / JLRT Listening and Reading Comprehension Test (Writing Test)
300 points or more Japan Kanji Proficiency Test Association
3 Practical Japanese Examination J.TEST
F grade or
FG level 250 points or higher
Koubunkensha Co., Ltd.
4 Japanese NAT-TEST
5th grade or higher Professional education publishing
5 STBJ Standard Business Japanese Test
350 points or more Japan Association for Applied Japanese Education
6 TOPJ Practical Japanese Proficiency Test
Beginner A or above Asia International Exchange Scholarship Foundation
7 J-cert Life and Professional Japanese Proficiency Test
Beginner and above International Human Resource Development Organization
8 JLCT Japanese Language Capability Test
JCT1, JCT2, JCT3, JCT4 or JCT5 Foreigner Japanese Language Proficiency Test Organization
9 Practical Japanese Communication Examination and Bridge (PJC Bridge)
A +, A-, B +, B-, C + or C- Certificate Inc.
10 JPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test
315 points or more Japan Youth Development Association

JLPT level table

3. Application period for advanced courses


Preparatory course name Enrollment period Application deadline Announcement time
April 2022 21 months 2022/3/10 Around the end of February 2022
April 2022 18 months 2022/5/30 Around the end of February 2022
April 2023 15 months 2022/8/31 2022/11
April 2023 24 months 2022/11/10 Around the end of February 2023

4. Fee for advanced course

4-1. Expenses required for admission (consumption tax included)

When applying: screening fee 20,000 yen

The enrollment fee is valid for two years. In addition, expenses may be changed.
Fees required before enrollment are for the first December.
Please pay the remaining unpaid portion of the second year at least one month before the start of the second year.

(1) At the time of admission (first year)

Item Amount of money
Enrollment fee 50,000 Yen
Tuition fee 630,000 Yen
Material Fee 64,000 Yen
Insurance fee 12,000 Yen
Total 756,000 Yen


(2) Second year

April student
12 months
April student
9 months
April student
6 months
April student
3 months
Tuition fee 630,000 Yen 491,000 Yen 328,000 Yen 168,000 Yen
Material Fee 64,000 Yen 49,000 Yen 35,000 Yen 18,000 Yen
Insurance fee 12,000 Yen 11,000 Yen 7,000 Yen 4,000 Yen
Total 706,000 Yen 551,000 Yen 370,000 Yen 190,000 Yen


4-2. Payment method

Thank you at the office or bank transfer below.
Please pay the actual expenses such as bank transfer when depositing.
Also, be sure to write the reception number in front of your name at the time of delivery.
The bank transfer destination of Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin is DOWNLOADpage of Please download from.

4-3. Insurance

All members must have accident insurance and national health insurance (public). The National Health Insurance fee is about 1,000 yen a month.

4-4. Refund

Once paid, the expenses cannot be refunded in principle.
However, in the following cases, it will be returned according to the school rules. Refunds are valid for one year from the date of delivery.
1. The screening fee will not be refunded regardless of the screening by the Tokyo Immigration Bureau.
2. In the event that the applicant is deemed appropriate by the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, but cancels his / her trip to Japan before his / her immigration, the tuition fee will be refunded. However, tuition fees will be deducted from the start of the semester to the month of the cancellation notice. In addition, please submit a receipt, a statement of circumstances, and an unused “Certificate of Eligibility” at the time of these procedures.
3. After entering the country, it will not be returned in any case.

4-5. Other expenses

Expenses deemed necessary by the institute, and deposits, refunds, and foreign exchange costs by remittance checks, etc. will be collected at the actual cost.

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