October 2019 entrance ceremony

10/15/2019-Less than a minute read

ソ ソ ソ 10 XNUMX XNUMX 譛 譛 XNUMX 譛 XNUMX 譛
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Sly lord, ゥ ゥ ァ ァ ヲ ∵ コ ヲ ∵ コ ヲ ∵ コ ヲ ∵ コ ヲ ∵ コ

Today is the Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin October entrance ceremony.
There are plenty of tests, entrance ceremonies and orientations from the morning.
It is class from tomorrow. Please do not be late

Today we have had Oct entrance ceremony.
Students had placement test, orientation and ceremony.
There are class from tomorrow.
Please dont miss the class!

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