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05/29/2019-2 minutes read

Today's customer
It is a student (Gakusei) who was enrolled as a short-term student (Tansei) until the end of March (Matsu). ️He is a 3-year-old baseball boy who has been coming to high school in Japan since April to study abroad in baseball (Yakyuryugaku). The Japanese language is not perfect yet, but the Japanese baseball club and the baseball club are the same as the Japanese high school students. It is said that you are also selected for the selection of (Kyubu), and that you are busy everyday. ️‼ 中 In the meantime, I came to the play for a while, and I felt that my height was growing in two months. I will do my best in Japanese (Nihongo), baseball (Yakyu), and I will do my best. Come to me
Nowadays guest ~~~
We are a short-term student of our school. Others started in April, last year a Japanese high and middle-aged baseball player studying abroad, and a 4-year-old sunshine baseball boy! Nevertheless, it is difficult to return to the Japanese language, but please check that the upper and lower divisions of the Japanese student are required, and that the heavenly city is busy and busy. I couldn't see both of them, and I felt more sensation. Hopefully maintained oiling, unrecognizable days and days returned, good time for rest and relaxation
Người khách của ngày hôm nay🥰. Đó là học sinh đã ghi danh học khoá tiếng nhật ngắn hạn ở trường đến cuối tháng 3. tháng 16.
Tiếng Nhật chưa hoàn hảo, nhưng bạn học giống như học sinh trung học Nhật Bản và chọn một câu lạc bộ bóng chày.Mỗi ngày đều bận rộn. của bạn đã cao hơn trước✨✨Hãy cố gắng học tiếng nhật học chơi bóng chày giỏi. Nếu có dịp hãy đến thăm trường lần nữa😊💕