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01/30/2019-Less than a minute read

This is a photo of a student who participated in the ceremony last week. Very beautiful❤️! She was interviewed not only in the newspaper, but also in the newspaper. It's a great experience👍. I think that I have a wonderful experience at the age of 20🤟🏻.
It's photo of our student who attended last week Coming-of-age Ceremony, its so wonderful👏!! She not only be posted on newspaper also be interviewed by TV(I.e..We think it will be a nice memory for her turning 20.
Top worship service adult ceremony religious student🤗. 她 Visit the newspapers who have not been repaid to the repatriated newspaper 呢. 20 歲 想 她 她 歲😍😍😍!
← This is a photograph of a newspaper article introduced earlier.

😊She is receiving an interview😊

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