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08/24/2018-1 minute read

Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin (Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin) gives information (johou) to students (gakusei) so that they can find part-time jobs. In addition, we hold briefing sessions on how to write a resume and how to work part-time. On this day (hi), part-time job support was also provided. We support your Japanese language study (Nihongo Gakushu) and study in Japan (Nihongo Gaku).
Our school provide part time job information to students often, we will teach them how to write resume, take interview and hold job fair.We support everyone for Japanese learning and study in Japan! Cheers🎉🎉🎉
Our school's three-time school provides information on trial work of the stakeholders, trial photos of ordinary scholars, rehearsals of kagura, scholarships, etc. I'm not good at learning Japanese culture, living in Japan and studying at our school city.
Trường Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin cung cấp thông tin về công việc làm thêm giúp học viên của trường có thể tìm được công việc làm thêm phù hợp với mình. công việc. Trường hỗ trợ mọi người luyện tiếng nhật, hỗ trợ cuộc sống du học nhật bản.😁😁😁

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