Notice | Announcement January 1 class

01/22/2018-Less than a minute read

It is forecast that snow will fall in Tokyo today.
Tuesday classes will be announced at 7:XNUMX am on Tuesday morning.
Now Tokyo starting a heavy snow, There is a forecast that snow will be
accumulated in Tokyo.We will make an announcement at about 7:00 am
Tuesday whether the classes will be held.
Currently, Tokyo begins with a report of snowfall in the end of snowfall. No. 23
7 pm left and right notification.
Dự báo vào thứ ba sẽ có tu yết rơi nhiề u ở Tokyo. Khoảng 7h00 sáng ngày
thứ ba, Trường sẽ có thông báo về giờ học ngày thứ ba có tiến hành hay

You could get more information from Japan Meteorological Agency Web
Weather warning / advisory


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