Why you want to learn Japanese

11/22/2016-Less than a minute read

Ask a foreign student who goes to Shinjuku Gyoen Gakuin to ask why she wanted to learn Japanese and learn Japanese. I tried !!!!

①Because I like Japanese anime
②Because I like cars in Japan
③ I want to be a tour guide that can (can) speak Japanese (Japanese) in my home country (Bokoku)
か ら Because I want to graduate from a university in Japan and get a job in Japan
か ら Anyway, I love Japan and I want to be like a Japanese

These five reasons (Liyu) were the most (most) many (most).
Stay away from the family (Kazoku) and stay away from it (every day), study Japanese (Nihongo) daily, study hard (Hememi), dream (dream) and hope (ki) We have a lot (many) and we are doing our best.

Now (now), the second grader is struggling every day to advance to school.
With the aim of passing (everything), all teachers (staffs) and staff are working hard every day to give guidance!